"I started this rescue because of the number of dogs in local shelters that are dying everyday is unacceptable. Most of these dogs have done nothing wrong, but are being killed because the shelters run out of room. My goal is to save as many dogs as I can and find them loving forever homes."

Jennifer Fodera
Co-Owner and President
This site is designed to give you, the adopter, a glimpse into All About Dogs Rescue.  Not all of our dogs are listed on the site.  We rescue all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages.  We are breed non-discrimatory!  We truly believe that every dog has a place where they can belong and be loved.  Each of our dogs gets personal attention on a daily basis, so we can truly know what their personality is and what type of family they will fit best in.  If you have any questions feel free to fill out an application or the contact us form.   

   Thank you for visiting and check back often!

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